The pictures are there, you just have to take them.
— Robert Capa

My name is Chris Rusanowsky, for eighteen years, I’ve been traveling around the world, capturing photographs of people and their stories. Photography is my life and since I was a ten-year-old boy, I never put down the camera.

I’ve started as a portrait photographer in my hometown of Riverside, California. There I was introduced to the world of photojournalism; this style of photography is to be the strongest and rawest form. Using the tools and knowledge, I have learned working with magazines and newspapers; I apply this to create beautiful and conveying images for my clients.

Wedding photography has always been a passion for me. It allows me to create pictures for families that will be able to have a recorded of their history. I love being able to bring a smile your face and save those special moments.

When I am not taking pictures, I am with my family and spending time outside. I love to travel and experience new things.

More About Me | IG: @chrisrusanowsky